Onsite Physical Therapy- WORK INJURY MANAGMENT

Work injury management translates into EARLY DETECTION and ON SITE PREVENTION. This keeps workers safe throughout their lifecycle on the job.


We do this with a number of tools:

JOB FUNCTION ANALYSIS ™-We create a detailed objective functional description of the job's physical demands. This allows us to make ergonomic recommendations and set up Post Offer Screens to ensure your new hires are fit to do the work.

JOB FUNCTION MATCHING ™-In the unlikely event of an injury we want to keep the worker as close to the job as safely possible. We look at what physical demands might need to be temporarily modified in order to get your worker back on the job safe and soon. This prevents deconditioning and keeps the worker in touch and in the loop with the workplace.

POST OFFER SCREENS- New hires should be fully job qualified. This means more than educational background, our screens evaluate if potential hires possess the strength and fitness to produce the physical forces required to perform their work.

WORK CAPACITY EVALUATION- If there is an old claim, a worker has been out on a medical leave or on disability; then a 4 hour Work Capacity Evaluation is the tool to use. This answers the question “Can this worker return to their regular job?”


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